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Online Classes


American Heart Association On-line Courses - eLearning 
Fee applies. 
Part I Made payable to the American Heart Association 
by credit card
All on-line courses follow the same steps for Part I:
Simple as 1-2-3:
  1. Online Course
  2. Practice Skills
  3. Skills test
Go to:
Course Catalog 
Choose required course
Purchase key = complete the on-line portion
Print off Certificate of Completion = bring this to Training Center
Contact Training Center for On-line Check-Off Skills schedule
Skill check off at Training Center for Part II & Part III
On-line courses do not include AHA Student text book
Flexible times available for the convenience of working medical staff
BLS for Healthcare Provider:
On-line fee: $22.00 made payable to AHA
Course catalog # 90-1403 
Skills Check-off  fee: $55.00 made payable to HHHE
Online lessons approximately 1-2 hours to complete Part 1
Additional time required for skills practice and testing blended with hands-on skills session at Training Center:
Part II = Practice session  
Part III = Skills testing session 
Student given a one-hour time with AHA Instructor to complete Part II and Part III
Upon successful completion of course Healthcare Provider card will be issued 
Same AHA HCP Card as given in traditional in-class course
Heartsaver On-line Courses: e-learning
First Aid only:
Course catalog #90-1400 
1 - 1½  hours online
$28.00: Made payable to AHA
Check-off Skills: $25.00 Made payable to HHHE
First Aid CPR/AED:
Course catalog #90-1401
1 ½ - 2 ½ hours online
$39.95 Made payable to AHA
Check-off Skills: $35.00 Made payable to HHHE
Course catalog #90-1402
30 minutes - 1 hour online
$23.00 Made payable to AHA
Check-off Skills: $25.00 Made payable to HHHE
Blood Borne Pathogens:
Course catalog #80-1501
1 hour online
$15.95 Made payable to AHA
No Check-off Skills required
Learn Rhythm Pediatric :
Healthcare professionals who need basic pediatric rhythm recognition skills, along with telemetry staff, and personnel in        ambulatory care, and neonatal and pediatric ICUs
Students preparing for PALS
 Nurses and emergency medical services personnel seeking to earn continuing education credits
Students complete online lessons and self-assessment sections. Students conclude the course with a two-part online exam that includes a series of questions and verifying ECG recognition
 No skills session is required
Fee: $
Please contact Training Center for class schedule